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Melbourne's Continuous Flow Water Heater Professionals
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Melbourne's Continuous Flow Water Heater Professionals
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Melbourne's Continuous Flow Water Heater Professionals

Enjoy an 'endless' supply of hot water for your Melbourne home and imagine never running out of hot water again - no more cold showers! With a continuous flow water heater installation from RenoFirst, you could be enjoying 'endless' hot water today and all with a level of service that is second to none.

Demand Water Heater

Discover how RenoFirst can have you enjoying the latest water heating technology in your home today:

Instant Hot Water

1. NEVER RUN OUT OF HOT WATER Relax in the knowledge you'll never have an unexpected cold shower in your home again when you choose the latest in hot water technology with a continuous flow water heater. Conventional water heaters use a tank to store your hot water and once that tank has been emptied, you then have to wait for the tank to be refilled and the new water heated. With a continuous flow water heating solution, there is no tank, only hot water that is heated instantly as and when you require it - an 'endless' supply of hot water at your command.

2. SAVE ON ENERGY BILLS Because the continuous flow water heater no longer has to heat and reheat water in a tank like the conventional water heater, you no longer have to waste precious energy and money heating water unnecessarily - reducing both your energy consumption and your energy costs for equivalent usage.

3. EXPERT INSTALLATION To ensure you get the most out of your new continuous flow water heater, you not only need to have it correctly sized and rated for your home, family and lifestyle, but it is imperative to have it expertly installed. RenoFirst have the expertise and experience to ensure you get the right system, expertly placed and installed so you can enjoy trouble free 'endless' hot water for as long as possible.

4. FREE UP SPACE With space at a premium these days, why waste it on a water tank when you can have a 'tankless' continuous flow water heating solution from RenoFirst.

5. LEADING BRANDS/BEST WARRANTIES We can show you all the leading continuous flow water heating systems with the best warranties for your peace of mind.

6. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY With so much concern about the planet these days, every little bit helps. With the lower energy consumption of a continuous flow water heater, you could be lowering your carbon footprint.

7. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED SERVICE We're so confident you'll be happy with the RenoFirst level of service, we guarantee it! You can read more about our customer service guarantee here.

For all your 'endless' hot water installations, repairs and maintenance, call and speak with the experts at RenoFirst today.

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With RenoFirst we price by the job, not the hour, up-front, for your complete peace of mind. No matter how long the job ends up taking us, You still pay the same price. Why settle for anything less?
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When you choose RenoFirst for your plumbing, hot water and drain needs across Melbourne, you can be sure of a level of expert, friendly service which is second-to-none. Discover the RenoFirst difference for yourself, or read from our other happy customers here .


With RenoFirst you can be so sure of on-time service that we even promise that if we're late, we'll pay you*. It's your assurance of punctual, convenient plumbers that work around your schedule.


Because RenoFirst operates from MULTIPLE locations right across the Melbourne metropolitan area, you can benefit from a rapid response for your plumbing needs.


With RenoFirst you always know the price BEFORE we start, for your complete peace of mind. And because you pay by the job, and not by the hour, no matter how long the job takes you still only pay the same price you agreed, which can help save you money.


Courteous, polite and friendly plumbers that will take the time to answer all of your questions and help with all your plumbing requirements. It's the little details that can make all the difference.